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County Roads

The St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic manages the largest number of lane miles of any transportation provider other than the Missouri Department of Transportation.  This system of roads consists of local roads, collectors and arterials.  St. Louis County manages all roads in unincorporated sections of St. Louis County.  This includes all subdivision streets and local roads, collectors and arterials, with the exception of the Interstate Highway system and any MoDOT maintained arterials. 

In incorporated areas, St. Louis County has operational control over most non-State maintained arterials, and some collector roads.  The remaining roads in incorporated areas are maintained by the municipality.  The County will periodically enter into intergovernmental cooperation agreements with a municipality for the operations of certain roads.  This fractured system frequently confuses the public as to who maintains a given road, particularly collectors and arterials. 

The Department of Highways and Traffic works closely with the Missouri Department of Transportation and municipalities to ensure that operation of the road system appears seamless.  This cooperation is particularly true when improvements are proposed that will affect streets that are under the control of multiple jurisdictions.  One of the strategic transportation infrastructure goals of the Department of Highways and Traffic is to work with MoDOT and the municipalities to better define and allocate management of the arterial road system.

The Department of Highways and Traffic also works with other transportation providers to improve alternative modes of transportation in the County.  The County partially funds Metro, the regions transit provider.  The County also strives to improve transit access and expansion in the County.  One example of cooperation is the improvement of bus shelters along arterial roads.

The Department of Highways and Traffic works closely with bicycle advocacy groups, and was a partner in developing a County-wide bicycle master plan.  Representatives of the Department serve on the Regional

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee of the East-West Gateway Council of Governments, the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the St. Louis Region.

The Department of Highways and Traffic has priority sidewalk program.  The Priority One sidewalk goal is to link schools with nearby neighborhoods.  The Priority Two sidewalk program links neighborhoods with community facilities and services including places of worship, shopping, recreation areas and others.  Ultimately, the goal is to have a sidewalk on at least one side of each arterial and collector road operated by the County.  Ideally, if funding and space is available, sidewalks are provided on both sides, particularly for arterials.  This program supports safe routes to school for children, a healthy lifestyle and sustainability.

Map of County Roads